"Naturally Brilliant"

Golf CourseOne Mile Golf Course is a quality boutique nine-hole golf course situated on Young’s Crossing Road at Joyner on the north side of Brisbane, adjacent to the prestige estate of Petrie-on-Pine and is privately owned.

One Mile Country Club is a planned development which will be incorporated within the bounds of One Mile Golf Course, consisting largely of 118 high quality townhouse units and amenities. There will be five individual townhouse designs comprising two bedrooms with lock-up garage and buggy store. Most will have a view of the golf course and its waterways.

Extreme care has been taken not to interfere with the ecology of the area and residents are encouraged to enjoy our wildlife which includes many species of waterfowl, native birds and koalas on the golf course and adjacent properties. Residents are also encouraged to make use of the facilities provided as well as the golf course, walking trails and bikeways adjacent to the community.